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Watchman: Get Ready for the American Civil War. The Democratic Governor Dispatches National Guard Troops to the NYC Subways. Its Just the Tip of the Iceberg. Remember Who Invited Them Here? [Video]

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To combat subway crime, Governor Kathy Hochul is sending 750 National Guard men and 250 Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York State Police officers.

The governor unveiled a five-point plan to reduce subway crime in a press release on Wednesday. The governor’s plan includes sending state personnel to help the NYPD conduct bag checks on the subway system, advancing a bill to ban assaulters from public transportation, installing more cameras to protect train conductors’ cabins, increasing law enforcement-district attorney coordination, and increasing Subway Co-Response Outreach teams.

“Since taking office, I have been laser-focused on driving down subway crime and protecting New Yorkers,” Hochul stated. “My five-point plan will eliminate violent offenders in subways and protect commuters and transit workers. I am telling all New Yorkers that I will continue to keep you secure and restore your piece of mind when you cross those turnstiles.”

Per NBC News, the governor’s declaration …

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