How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Vibe at ViVE: What Developments Hold Healthcare Executives’ Attention in 2024? [Video]

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

At the ViVE event in Los Angeles, February 25-28, health tech executives shared how their companies are putting innovative ideas into action to address the most pressing needs in healthcare.

Verizon Business

Gary Lynch, global practice leader, and CTO — Insurance and Life Science at Verizon Business, shared how it is improving healthcare access for high-risk patient populations. He also talked about the Verizon Business collaboration with UC Davis to improve health equity.


Aloha McBride, EY global health leader, shared her perspective on AI adoption in healthcare with MedCity News editor-in-chief Arundhati Parmar. McBride called on company leaders to commit to AI at scale, but first they need to have a vision for what AI looks like for businesses.

Quantum Health 

Zane Burke, Quantum Health CEO, highlighted the value healthcare navigation companies can offer self-insured employers. 


Chris Fowler, TruBridge CEO, talked about how the business is focused on relieving paint points in rural healthcare through a …

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