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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Rangers and Atalanta football hooligans clash in Lisbon as Italian thugs stage attack on hotel before furious Scots pile into the streets sparking mass brawl [Video]

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Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a band of hooded thugs supporting Italian football team Atalanta attacked the hotel lobby where Rangers fans were staying last night. 

Clips shared to social media showed how a horde of balaclava-clad ultras descended on the lobby of the Eden Hotel in the heart of Lisbon, baying for blood as they smashed against the windows brandishing batons and sticks. 

For a moment it looked as though the tension would dissipate as a security guard stationed at the lobby fought to lock the automatic doors and prevent the Italian gang from gaining access to the building. 

But seconds later the Italians turned their tails and fled as furious Scotsmen sporting Rangers strips streamed out of the hotel, chasing the Atalanta supporters into the nearby Rossio Square – one of the main plazas in central Lisbon. 

The violence escalated immediately as both sets of hardcore …

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