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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Police investigating gang-related graffiti in Corning | News [Video]

Community Building and Management

If you have any knowledge about who committed these crimes, contact Corning police.

CORNING, Calif. – Corning Police are investigating graffiti that has shown up across the community.

Vandals tagged buildings all over Corning during the weekend. The graffiti is suspected to be gang-related, police said.

There is security footage of the suspects tagging Safeway and the Dutch Bros driveway. The graffiti represents bullet holes alluding to gun violence, police said.

Police told Action News Now they have an idea which gang is doing this, but aren’t releasing that information at this time.

There is a man who covered up most of the vandalism, but he doesn’t work for the city.

“We have a citizen within the city of Corning who has done a phenomenal job for us, he’ll actually go and purchase the paint on his own and he will cover it up immediately, the next morning it was gone,” Corning …

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