How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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OpenAI Enhances ChatGPTs Voice Modality Feature [Video]

Voice Search Optimization

Just when Anthropic released its next powerful model Claude-3

OpenAI announced its latest text-to-speech feature where ChatGPT can now read your texts aloud. A user can select a particular text and choose the option of ‘read aloud’ to hear ChatGPT read the response. This comes in handy when ChatGPT responds with lengthy prompts. The said feature is released on iOS, Android and even on the web version.

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Voice Modality Gains Speed

Akin to Google’s text-to-speech feature in Google Voice Assistant, which is said to soon be powered by generative AI, OpenAI’s latest voice feature adds to the voice functionality that was announced last year. The previous feature allows one to have a hands-free conversation with the AI bot, and even allows the user to select the type of voice. 

This update comes at a time when voice features are increasingly being integrated onto multimodal AI models. Apart from ChatGPT, the latest powerful model of Google i.e. Gemini …

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