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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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‘On the brink of a crisis’: Canadian Olympic, Paralympic committees call for additional athlete funding [Video]

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The Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee requested an additional $104 million in federal funding on Monday.

The money would go directly to national sport organizations, whom COC president David Shoemaker described in a press release as being “on the brink of a crisis.”

“NSOs cannot continue on this trajectory. They can’t run deficits, and if nothing changes difficult decisions will have to be made,” he said.

There are 61 NSOs across the country, and they govern amateur sports. Citing a study on those organizations’ financial health from the accounting firm Deloitte, the COC and CPC said the entire sporting system in Canada would regress without increased support.

According to the release, 90 per cent of NSOs are reliant on funding to deliver their services.

Karen O’Neill, chief executive officer of the CPC, said the Paralympic movement in Canada could stall without an injection of money.

“The national sport …

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