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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Mayor Bass, Gov. Newsom to address freeway encampments [Video]

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Mayor Karen Bass is touting a new partnership between Los Angeles and California that officials say will help keep areas where homeless people live near freeways cleaner and safer.

Initiated by the Mayor’s Office, the agreement between the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation and the California Department of Transportation will allow city crews to access Caltrans properties to remove trash and debris. Bass’ office called it “an important strategy to help make sure public spaces are clean and safe following successful operations that bring unhoused people inside.”

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The state will reimburse Los Angeles for costs associated with the partnership in the Caltrans District 7 Metro Region.

“When we were in Sacramento last week, we raised the need to cut through red tape and come together to help keep public spaces near freeways clean and safe as we …

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