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Learn about generative AI’s impact on robotics at the Robotics Summit & Expo [Video]

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In the past year, advances in artificial intelligence dominated the news cycle. OpenAI’s Generate Pre-trained Transformer, or GPT 3.5, gained 100 million users in just two months. And while researchers and developers are already using generative AI to enable robots to learn challenging manipulation tasks more quickly, it’s not yet clear how this technology breakthrough will be applied to robotics at scale.

At the 2024 Robotics Summit & Expo, which will be at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on May 1 and 2, a panel will discuss the application of large language models (LLMs) and text-generation applications to robotics. The speakers will also explore how generative AI can benefit robotics design, model training, simulation, control, human-machine interaction, and more.

Generative AI experts to speak

The Robotics Summit & Expo panel will include the following generative AI experts:

  • Sandra Skaff is senior alliances and ecosystem manager at NVIDIA. There, she leads robotics ecosystem development and works with cross-functional teams to …
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