The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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Kansas Workshop Connects Agencies to Rural Communities [Video]

Community Building and Management

Above image credit: (L-R) Trisha Purdon, Director of the Kansas Office of Rural Prosperity (ORP); HUD analysts Treka Henry, David Clayton, and Megan Wheeler; RA Clayborn; Kerri Falletti, KS ORP Grassroots Strategy Developer; Nancy Rios, HRSA Regional Administrator; Myesha Kennedy, HRSA Public Health Analyst and KC FOD Jose Davis. (Contributed)

Last year, the state of Kansas allocated millions of dollars to help rural communities through housing, health care, broadband and rural development grants and tax credits.  

Separately, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law also offered billions of dollars from the federal government to fund rural-specific projects.  

Despite ample funding for rural communities, many folks who could use the money most still find it difficult to apply. 

In response, local agencies teamed up to create the Kansas Rural Health and Prosperity Grants workshop. A two-day event last year filled a Dodge City, Kansas, venue with attendees seeking one-on-one help with grant applications and advice on how to bundle …

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