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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Engineers make life better | Westpac [Video]

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Join one of over 800 agile squads creating the future of banking.

Making Life Better for our Engineers

Why join Westpac Engineering?

Our engineers are vital to the success of our digital future. So, we’ve created the best possible environment for you to collaborate and innovate. We’re ensuring the work is challenging yet satisfying by building, assembling, and using the latest technologies and methods. Everything we do is designed to give you more freedom, more choice, more support, and less red tape so you can get on with the fun stuff – building the systems that change the future. 

Work that matters

As a Westpac engineer, whether you’re creating innovative mobile apps, conversational AI or blockchain capabilities, your work will be helping simplify and modernise the technology that millions of Australians and New Zealanders use every day. The digital platforms you build will literally be making their lives better.

Flexible working options

You’ll have the freedom to choose where you work – be …

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