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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Contract negotiations underway between Dignity Health, Partnership HealthPlan & Aetna | News [Video]

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SHASTA COUNTY, Calif. – Dignity Health, Partnership HealthPlan of California and Aetna Health Insurance are going through contract negotiations, but members received a letter causing concern about the future of their healthcare coverage. 

The letter sent to Partnership members on Feb. 26 brought on a lot of concerns, including the language used in the letter, Partnership member Jennifer Arnold said. 

“We got like four pages of you know, clinics and hospitals that were going to be affected. So, and then you know hearing ‘well they’re in negotiations, it’ll work out’ like why didn’t you say that in the letter? You know, why freak everybody out?” Arnold said. 

Aetna members received a similar letter as Partnership HealthPlan members.

Dustin Lyda, the director of communications and government affairs for Partnership, said they sent the letter to members 30 days before any potential cancellation, under the California Department of Health Care Services regulations. 

Arnold has been a …

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