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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Climate change: Photos of NZ glaciers show they may soon be extinct [Video]

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Brewster Glacier. Images show New Zealand’s glaciers may soon be extinct. Photo / Niwa


As the austral summer draws to a close, we are preparing to fly over the Southern Alps to survey glaciers. This annual flight supports the longest scientific study of Aotearoa New Zealand’s icescapes — and it shows that all our glaciers have retreated since 1978.

This year’s survey comes on the heels of the warmest year on record globally and the second warmest for New Zealand that produced extreme weather events and impacts that still cut deep for many communities.

Despite strong El Nino conditions in the Pacific this season that typically boost ice volume, we expect the recent heat grilling the glaciers will have had a grim effect.

The 46-year record of end-of-summer glacier images is incredibly valuable because it contains irrefutable visual evidence of climate change. We can see how glaciers are changing from year to year, with …

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